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15 Mar 2014

Settlement in the soil

There are the three kind of settlements, occured in soil
  • Immediate Settilement
  • primery settilement (consolidation settlement)
  • secondry settlement
Immidiate settlement : 

Immediate settlement take place during the construction or after the construction of structure. its also known a distorsion settlement.
It's computed by the elastic theory especially for cohesion soil.

Primery settlement : 
  • this type of settlement occured due to th expulsion of water from the voides of soil called primery or comsolidation settlement.
Secondry Settlement :
  • this type of settlement occured due to the rearrangement  of the soil particles or we can say that  it is occured due the volume change in the soil particcles called secondry settlement.





Anonymous said...

nice post excellent explaination
settlement in the soil.........thanks
would please post more about soi mechanics.
i m student of uput and i want know more about soil mechanics ?

Anonymous said...

i want explaination of grouping of pile ?
my question is why we use pile in group insted of single pile ? and what are the adwantages of using of piles in group ?

Anonymous said...

why settlement occures in the soil ?

Anonymous said...

vishal choudhry.

sir my question is ?

what would you do as a civil engineer to prevent soil from settlement ?

Admin said...

you will get all answer of your question soon.
we are hard working to maintain site......thanks all
feel free ask any question we will try to better explaination for your question with example

Admin said...

visit here to know about grouping of pile and why we use piles in group insted of single pile.

if you have any doubt and any other question leave comment

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