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20 Apr 2014

Type of stones

stone : 

  1. Stone is a ‘naturally available building material.
  2. which has been used from the early age of civilization.
  3. It has been used to construct small residential buildings to large palaces and temples all over the world. Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Vidhan Sabha at Bangalore and several palaces of medieval age all over India are the famous stone buildings.

which type  of stones are used in civil engineering  ?

Three kind of stone are used based on .....

• Geological
• Physical

• Chemical

Geological type stone :  These are three type

  1. Igneous Rocks
  2. Sedimentary Rocks
  3. Metamorphic Rocks

physical rocks : These are of Two type

• Stratified rocks

• Unstratified rocks

Chemical : These are of three kind

 • Silicious rocks
• Argillaceous rocks and
• Calcareous rocks

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