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18 Apr 2014

Effect of turbidity on health accouding to Environmental Protection Agency (United State America)

Effect of turbidity on health :

Health effects from turbid water will depend upon the type of material in the water that
is causing the turbidity.

 Higher turbidity levels are often associated with disease-causing microorganisms such
as viruses, parasites and some bacteria. These organisms can cause symptoms such as

o Nausea
o Cramps
o Diarrhea
o Head aches

cause turbid water :

 A leaky or malfunctioning septic or sewer system
 Soil erosion
 Algae or weeds
 High iron concentrations which can give water a rust-red coloration

 Air bubbles or particles from a water treatment system

standard for turbidity in drinking water.

The Maximum Contaminant Level, as set by the Environmental Protection Agency, is 1

nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU).

Water samples with different levels of turbidity, measured in NTU’s

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