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31 May 2014

Difference between Working Stress Method and Limit state Method

The difference between working stress method and limit state method

In the beganning working stress method is adopted in which concrete and steel are assumed in compression due to which section big  are constructed . but in actual practice it is impossible that concrete cant bear tensile stress. this was the limitation of woring stress method
 For example you can see ancient building construction in which beam and column have greater thickness due to which construction is expansive or not economical and this method is rejected
After a long time limit state method is researched that is economical
Difference : 

In working stress method section are constructed big while in limit state method are constructed within a limit according to load
In working stress method factor of safety did not adopted while in limit state method factor of safety is adopted about 1.5.
 working stress method is not economical while limit state method is economical

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